Sailboat Photos

This is the first year with my “new to me” sailboat. It’s a 1979 MacGregor Venture 222 so it’s far from a new boat but great for me. I used to be a really big kayaker and I probably will still kayak when I can but the problem with that is my son who was born last year. I will have to wait until he is older, maybe 7 or 8, before I’ll be able to get him in a kayak by himself. That’s a long time to wait to get out on the water so I decided to buy a sailboat so I can start taking him out at 1 year old. Of course this year he doesn’t really appreciate it because he’s still very young but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy it. This first year is also giving me a chance to sort out the bugs on the boat. Being able to sail it single handed is a must so I’ve been adding a few upgrades to make that task a little easier. Just for now I’ve ran the halyards back to the cockpit so I can raise the sails from the cockpit while still being able to steer. I’ve added a stiller clutch so I can lock the tiller in place. I’ve added a down haul to the head sail so I can get it down without moving to the front of the boat. I’ve also redone the electrical inside and added LED lighting around the cabin. The projects never end it seems as I am always thinking of things I could be doing or adding to the boat. Maybe next year some solar panels and an auto pilot. These are some pictures of a day out on the Saguenay River in Quebec. In the fall there are usually a bunch of whales that come up the river which is attached to the St-Lawrence. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some good photo’s of them this year, but none so far. It seems just like steemit, those whales are hard to find.




20160616_18114520160616_19255820160616_18342420160616_18340520160616_18335520160616_192702_Pano20160616_170835sunset edit


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