I wish everyone would wake up!!

I remember that moment when I first woke up like it was yesterday. Although it’s been about three years now I can still remember the exact moment when it all sort of clicked and I realized the lie. I was staying at my parents place for a week in Cape Breton, NS. Without getting into the details, every three months I would make the trip to Cape Breton from Greenwood, NS to do some maintenance work on some equipment we were in charge of. It was nicer to stay with them than to be cooped up in a hotel all week eating junk food.

So I was just surfing around the net at my parents place. I didn’t really have anything to do that day because our work was finished, it was the middle of the afternoon, nobody was around, and the weather wasn’t really that great because it was February in Canada. I stumbled across an article entitle “Meet Your Straw Man.” I’ll let you read the article if you want but it basically boils down to everything in our civilized world is a lie and we are not “free” like we think we are. It is a little far fetched in it’s reasoning to get around it. Because unless the police agree with the fact that you don’t have to obey their regulations that don’t hurt anybody than they are just going to arrest you anyway.

After reading that article it just clicked. Everything going on in the world that can’t be explained as far as civilization and why we are doing such stupid things in this day in age became clear to me. It’s a way to trick us into being slaves and a way to make money off of each and every human being without them even knowing.



There is an excellent video by Stefan Molyneux that really sums up the lie we are all living called The Story of Your Enslavement. He really does a good job of explaining how we got to this stage in history, mostly because of the way we get our food and how profitable human beings really are.

I’ve done a lot of random digging to check some of the claims from some of these people and it all just seems really weird but there is too much for it to be coincidental.

Since that day at my parents house, this theory has been confirming itself for me more and more almost every day. I see things that just don’t make sense and everybody else just seems to think it’s “normal” or “it’s just the way it is.”

Why do we pay 50% tax, only to have it squandered and wasted by every level of government?

Taxation is what I have the biggest problem with. I am completely okay with paying for a service that benefits a community or a nation as a whole but it should be a choice. Making people pay for something at gunpoint is called armed robbery and it’s no different because the government does it. Some people say that it is the majority that wants the government and therefor everybody has to agree with it but that’s bullshit. Let’s say there are 8 friends at a restaurant all eating their own meal. Halfway through the meal seven of the eight people decide to vote on who pays the bill. The eighth person doesn’t want anything to do with that and just wants to pay for his own bill. The others vote anyway and they vote for the eighth guy to pay the bill 5 out of 7. Should he have to pay the bill just because the majority of a group of people said he has to when he clearly stated he only wants to pay for his own? That is how I think of taxation.

Now like I said, I can agree with paying for some things people need. Like healthcare. We do have “free” healthcare in Canada and I think it’s a good idea. I think it could surely be more efficient because there is so many problems and so much money wasted on things that just are not necessary… because it’s run by the government. But I would pay for that service if it was a choice because it is a good idea. I would not pay for the service of having a street sweeper come by every 10 days in front of my house when I don’t even have a sidewalk. I would not pay for any politicians to make silly laws just to collect revenue off of people. Any law that does not harm anyone or their property, does not involve stealing, and doens’t involve fraud shouldn’t be a law. Every other law is just revenue collection. I would not pay for the police to be out looking for people to potentially commit crimes. They should act more like the fire department or ambulance service and only come when they are needed.

Do people even realize they pay 50% tax?

I often notice people don’t even realize they pay the amount of tax that they do. For things here in Quebec it is especially bad. I pay 21% income tax and then 15% sales tax on everything I buy after that. I also pay CPP (Canada Pension Plan), and EI (Employment Insurance) which are not a choice. That is just off my paycheck. You would think it stops there but it doesn’t. I also pay property tax, school tax, drivers license, car registration, trailer registration, license plate renewal, mandatory car insurance on top of my personal car insurance, gas tax, dog registration, boat license, and I’m sure there is more I just can’t think of it all at once. All of those things are harming no one if I didn’t have them but I’m forced at gunpoint to pay for the majority of them. And the rest I’m forcefully kept from being able to do something that also harms no one unless I pay.

I also found that once you start digging into these different theories it is very easy to get lost. You have to be conscious that there are some crazy stories out there and not all of these things are true. And if they are true they may not be exactly accurate because there always seems to be facts that are missing and people like to omit them just to make their point seem more valid. But all of it together is what makes it all believable for me.

I try and find out as much as I can about Canada but it seems that every country is designed in a similar way. I have some strange questions from looking through all this information that just can’t be explained or answered.

For example the legal definition of the word “person” from the Interpretation Act of Canada is;

person, or any word or expression descriptive of a person, includes a corporation; (personne)

Why doesn’t this say anything about a human being? The word person only means a corporation. If it meant a human being and a corporation than it would say “also includes” and not just “includes.” So this really hits home that the government and the law makers know about this sort of trickery.

The definition of taxpayer from the Income Tax Act is;

taxpayer includes any person whether or not liable to pay tax; (contribuables)

Therefor, if you put the two meaning, from two different Acts together, it is quite clear that only corporations are required to pay tax and we are all just being tricked into identifying as corporations for the profit of these people.

It’s not just the tax.

I sort of went on a long rant about tax here because it makes me very frustrated to have my money taken from me like that. But that isn’t the only thing that confirms we are slaves. The fact that we need identification, whether it be passport, visa, or something else to leave our countries. Countries to me aren’t even real things. They are fake. People just drew a line in the sand and said, “Your in this country now, give me money to build a house here. Give me money to be allowed to travel within the country. Give me money if you want to leave. Give me money for this, give me money for that or else.” The government has made everybody so connected to symbolism that they think they belong to only certain sections of the PLANET EARTH. There is nothing besides earth and water here. Countries don’t exist. Sure you could use continents, countries, provinces, cities, and communities as a way of identifying places on a map for directions, geography, etc. But they don’t really exist.

The debt is another big thing although I won’t get into it because I could go on for a while on debt. But let me just say that when a country the size of Canada starts paying over $60 billion a year just in interest payments on it’s debt and every other country is in the same boat, than we have a problem. Just think where that money could go if not to the greedy bankers. That’s only one country out of hundreds that are paying this interest to central banks every year. I wonder what the yearly interest rate for the entire world is?  Here is a link to see the world debt or your countries debt. Hope it’s not too shocking.

I wish we could all wake up at the same time and realize how we are being tricked into this system. If the police and soldiers realized they were being tricked like this as well then maybe we could have a fighting chance against these bankers and politicians that are enslaving us, but it will only work if we are all awake.

Until then keep calm and steem on.


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