Theta – Magnum Opus (Original Song)

Song number 2 from my hard drive of lost songs.

This one’s called Theta.

We did these songs back in 2008 at Smashbox Recording. We spent the entire day there working in the studio to get the tracks laid down as best as we could. We wanted to get as much as we could put down in one day.

It was shortly after that day, the band broke up.

I had all the files on my computer. The plan was to do all the recording at the studio and then take the files home and edit them. I had a complete Pro Tools set up so it wasn’t a problem and we would save us quite a bit of money editing ourselves. Shortly after we broke up, my computer had a major virus and I couldn’t get it working. After a few years, a computer shop was able to get the sessions off the computer for me and on to my new computer.

Still, I didn’t really bother with the old files too much. They were just all messed up from changing all the settings, plugins, hard drives, computer, etc.

Then a few weeks ago I decided to mess around with them a little bit and see what I could get out of them. It was just a shame all those sessions were sitting there for so long. I could at least bounce them to mp3 so people could hear them.

These songs are some of the only complete copies. I have many hours of songs recorded but they all seem to be missing something. Either the vocals aren’t there or it’s missing the bass. Whatever it was they were never completed. That day in the studio we managed to get all these songs down without any missing instruments.


Edit: This photo is because the YouTube video didn’t add as a thumbnail

If you missed the first song, Zenith, it is here.

Don’t Forget….




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