Steemit is dropping. A good time to buy?

The price of steem is dropping so fast today!

I’m not sure what to do. It seems like it’s just leveling out to what it was before steemit opened to the public. You can see that the price of steem shot straight up and has been slowly coming down ever since.

What is getting me is, when is it going to stop?

Will it be $0.40, $0.30, $0.20, or even lower?

steem market copy

The point that it stops, I will transfer all my steem dollars (SBD) into steem power (SP). I can see this site really taking off. Especially, once it makes its way out of beta. The trouble is going to be trying to time it right.

The problem is, there is a couple of days wait for buying steem from your SBD account. That is going to be tricky to time.

I think I will try and time it a few days before it reaches $0.30 and buy as much steem as I can.

I wouldn’t be fooled by the fact that it’s falling. I think it’s just the market correcting for all the people joining the site back in July. And, if I’m wrong, it’s not like I spent any of my actual money to buy steem; just the author / curation rewards that I’ve been getting.

What do you think will happen?



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