Technically, I Paid Steemit For My Post

Yesterday, when I made a post on steemit, I decided to try the new ‘promote’ feature. It seems like a really good idea to me. I took a look through the promote section before I did anything and, I noticed that there weren’t very many posts. I also noticed that quite a few were at least up a few dollars.

So, I paid 1 SBD towards the promotion.

Canadian Steemit

Certainly not breaking the bank as others have been putting up $30 or more at a time, but I was just curious what would happen. This put me about halfway down the list of maybe around 80 posts. Not really that far down, so I figured I would get a few good votes and at least make my money back.

It turns out, nothing happened. I made exactly the same amount as I would have if I hadn’t spent that dollar. About $0.06 is about all I’ve been getting for a while now and that’s what I got this time as well.

I noticed I did get a few more votes than I normally would, but the first 13 were in the first hour and I suspect it was because I put the link on a few chat channels.

This isn’t any sort of complaint. I think the feature is a really good idea. Especially that you can promote other peoples posts.

I just find it funny that I actually paid steemit to make a post. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around.

It’s not over yet either, though. I’ve noticed there is still 10 hours left, even though it’s been 1 day. I’m not sure if the payout time has been extended again or it’s because I paid for the promotion.

Maybe there will be a miracle in the next 10 hours and I’ll get a ton of votes to get my steem dollar back.



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