Google Is Watching You


I ran across this article on Facebook from The Free Thought Project. I know what you`re thinking; what am I doing on Facebook? It’s rare nowadays, but it still happens from time to time. Anyway, this article;

The article is basically showing how everything you have ever done with any google app has been recorded and stored.


I’m not really surprised by this, but I thought I should spread the word and try and let others know about this. I had already heard about Google tracking our positions, but I didn’t realize about the voice recording part of it. So, I went into the settings to check it out.

Sure enough, everything I have ever asked Google was there in a nice little timeline. Either in text format or the actual recording. Every web page I’ve visited is laid out in the same kind of timeline, as well as a bunch of little dots on a map showing everywhere I have been in the last couple of years.

google is watching

I can sort of understand their twisted sense of do-goodery behind what they say. “We need this data to help you.” It is a nice saying to get people to shut up and accept that there is a company spying on your every move. Like fuck they won’t be sharing that information with law enforcement if they received a piece of paper saying to do so.

Needless to say, I’ve apparently stopped all storing of my location, voice, search history, YouTube views, YouTube searches, and whatever else I could find in there to shut off. I’ve also deleted all my history they had on me (supposedly). If for some strange reason, I notice that my user experience is greatly affected by this (which I doubt it will be), I can always turn it back on.




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