A Slave At Work

How I feel at work.


Do you ever feel like the monkey in the photo?

I took this photo a few years ago at a zoo in Nova Scotia. I find myself thinking of it from time to time when it’s a nice day outside and I am at work doing nothing; just trading my time for some silly pieces of paper. What usually follows this thought is another thought of Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins telling me, “Despite of your rage, you are still just a rat in a cage!”

On a lighter note, this post is also to try out a new file storage site for my photo’s. The site is called fliiby and it’s not just a file storage website, but a file monetization website. I’ve only been using it a few days but have already made about $0.01 from just uploading a few pictures. This doesn’t seem like much but, imagine I had 200 photo’s on the site instead of 12. It’s not just for photos either. Apparently, you can upload any type of media to the site like video, audio, text, etc. And, if anyone clicks on the photo’s on steemit or anywhere else I post them, it will take you to the fliiby site directly where you can see all the photo’s I have there and find other, similar photos and content.

I figure I’ll use that site for file storage for my steemit posts and make a little extra money from my pictures as my library on there grows bigger and bigger.



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