Wake Up – So We Can Be Free From This Slavery

Have you ever looked around while standing in a large group of people and wonder how they are all still asleep? It really blows my mind how people still can’t see through the bullshit of a society we have created. Looking at the people running around doing mundane tasks, pretending their job is the most important thing really makes me sick.


I don’t bother trying to wake them up anymore.

And if you don’t know what I mean by asleep and awake, you’re still asleep!

I’ve gone through that phase already and it doesn’t seem to work. Even if they 100% believe what I say, they won’t want to hear it. It’s comparable to trying to force someone to quit smoking who doesn’t really want to quit. They won’t do it. They may pretend to quit for a little while. Eventually, though, they will get caught and you’ll realize they never really quit at all. They just got better at hiding it. Waking somebody up is similar to that. They have to want to wake up on their own. Just like someone has to want to quit smoking on their own before they’ll do it.

They have to find the information out for themselves. It can’t be given to them unless they are looking for it, or it will not stick. I’ve experimented with this on people a few times. For example; I did this presentation one time about Canada’s debt. Although it’s not as big as the USA, the debt took off in the same way right after they eliminated the gold backed currency in 1974. As you can see in the graph below, even the small bump during WWII was nothing compared to what happened after 1974 when the money creation power was signed over to the private banks.



I thought that amount of information would be enough to get my audience interested in finding out more answers but, I also went one step further. I told them not only is this clearly a problem that needs to be corrected but, there is also a lawsuit against the government right now to simply take back the power to create the money supply and the government is fighting it tooth and nail. One look at this graph and you can see that a mistake has been made. How can the politicians not see this and why would they fight so hard not to fix it?

This bit of information should be infuriating people. But not really to the people I was presenting to. Sure they were baffled and amazed by the information. They thought it was very interesting. But afterward, they just continued on with their lives and I never heard anything about any of them waking up at all. Not a single word. I know for sure, if an actual person had woke me up, I would be asking them questions all the time and sharing information the more I found out about other topics.

I’ve done this a few times and the same thing happens over and over. Sometimes, I’ll show somebody some information, they’ll acknowledge it, and then a few months later they show me the same information like they didn’t already know. What’s more, I get the feeling that it doesn’t sink in to them the second time either. They just show it to me because they think I’d be interested in it.

I feel like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


I can’t really go all “conspiracy theorist” all the time. I have responsibilities….er…..I should say I have debt. I am a debt slave like most people. And let me tell you, it’s hard to get out of. Most times I make some progress in paying down some debt, something comes up and I have to bump it back up a little. I know what the problem is; it’s not proportional. It could take 2 months to pay down $1000, but your washer breaks at the end of the two months and it cost $1100 to replace. Well, there goes that two months of paying down the debt. Using cash is out of the question because it all went to paying down the debt. Back to square one. Not that I’m hard up for cash or anything but, after the bills are paid there isn’t much for both savings and debt payments to make a huge difference each month.

So, I’m forced to continue to go to work like a good little slave and pretend like I like it. If I start pointing out the real problems to everybody all the time, I’ll just be labeled a conspiracy theorist and that doesn’t really help anyone. I just have to bide my time until more people start to wake up. It’s happening for sure. I’ve been awake like this for only a few years and it’s already noticeably growing. I can see the 100th monkey effect starting to work.


End Rant

It’s hard to play the game most days when you’re aware the rules are not in your favor. It really amazes me how people don’t realize it’s even a game; let alone a game they will never win. They just continue the vicious cycle; going to work to pay for the car to get them to work. My only chance is if I can get myself out of being a debt slave. Only then can I move towards freeing myself from tax slavery. And that’s a whole other story.



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