3D Drawing


A few years ago I was looking for a program to design some woodworking projects I had in mind. Getting some of my ideas on paper was not easy. Drawing by hand was okay but you can’t really visualize the little details you might encounter along the way. I tried drawing with Blender and 3DS Max, but the learning curve is a little high and they aren’t designed to be used as an AutoCAD type program.

Google Sketchup

I eventually stumbled across Google Sketchup and that changed everything. The learning curve for this program is really small. It’s really designed for ease of use but, is powerful enough to handle complex designs. I strongly recommend it for anyone into carpentry. But, it also has many other uses.

Some of my past designs and their finished (or almost finished) products.

Closet organization



Constructing a small step for the front door.


A kayak / canoe rack.


A dog bowl holder.


A pair of bedside tables.


Sketchup is great for designing things like that and it’s got a free version. It’s not so great for 3D art, though. I did try a few times but, usually the drawings turn out strange looking.

An attempted picture for one of my old bandssgs2.jpg


So lately, I’ve started messing around with Blender again. I tried to use it a few years ago but eventually lost interest because it seems really intimidating when you first start. But, over the last few months, I’ve been getting back into it.

Like I said, it has a big learning curve. I followed some tutorials on YouTube and I’m happy to say, I’m getting the hang of it.

Here are my Blender drawings so far.


My first tutorial project of a milkshake being poured into a glass. Not the greatest picture but it really got me used to the interface in Blender.

Dolphin Splashdolphin splash0001-0075.gif

I messed around a little bit with animation. Once you get the character set up to be able to move, it isn’t too difficult. The problem is, my computer renders the drawings very very very slow. To do A high-quality photo like the three following photos takes about 45 minutes each. This small animation took a few hours to render even when I put the quality down. I’d imagine, if I did anything with any amount of length, it would require me to let it run for a few days to finish.

Bullets, Beans, and Beertable-setup-photo-shopped

I drew this to go with a short story but decided to get rid of the labels.

Steemit Bullets, Beans and Beertable-setup-steem2-photoshop

My final render for the short story. I tweaked the reflection of the shells and made custom designed steemit logos for the beer and bean cans. I bet steemit beer would be delicious.

Steemit Follow Megold-steemit-follow

I made this last night getting into using text in Blender. I’ve got some ideas for improvement on this one but it’s a good start to get used to the text functions of the program.

I hope you enjoy the drawings. If there is anyone else out there that has any other programs they’re using that I might like, let me know in a comment.


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