My Idea to Bring More Steemians to Steemit


With all this ‘news’ about Facebook about to start blocking ‘Fake News,’ I’ve seen some very interesting comments at the bottom of some of these articles.

People are saying;

I can’t wait for someone to start another sit like FB so we can all move to it Zuckerburg is trying to play God Almighty because he started this FB thing, the next page should be called backstab the public because we the public are what FB what it is and Zuckerburg talks like we’re all stupid.

So you will get help from mass media ??? Hope someone with the possibilitys can make a new versjon og FB we need a Fakebook. We the people , You mister fuckerberg are bought by the Devils, So you are part of the brainwashing machine, We all know by now, that mass media are the fake news.

Now somebody MUST be able to come up with an alternative to Facebook…The new openness in the Russian Federation a possibility as American ‘freedom’ diminishes. Some years ago Britain might have stepped in but they have already ‘decamped’…forget China…but maybe India??? They start ‘censorship’ of any kind here…dump them-FAST.

Fuck facebook, if no one is typing he got no more money!

Those few quotes are only from the comments from one story. (The two links are the same story on two different sites)

Also, there are even more comments on the Facebook post itself.

Anonymous should make a new social media platform… with all of your members and people like myself that trust Anon way more than any other source, I think yall could do it with the available online recourses, Anon obviously knows the way around compu

It’s time for a new social media page. Zuckerburg has overstepped his bounds repeatedly the last few years… tons of my friends have closed their FB down and use other mediums …I’m right behind them.

Assanges people and Anonymous should develop a strictly news social media platform. Independent from government(s) influence and fascist ideas of controlling the narrative. No more black outs, no more, bubbleland news.

People are clearly ready for something new, even if they are a little confused about who they think should do it.

If only there was a website that didn’t censor the information you post and it would be there forever for people to see.


Wait a minute. What about Steemit?

Since Facebook seems to be blocking any posts from Steemit directly, what I suggest we need to do is start adding the links in the comments. That’s exactly how I stumbled upon Steemit in the first place.

Every time you see one of these stories pop up on a Facebook feed about ‘Fake News,’ or censorship, or anything to that nature, tell the people about it. Put it in the comments at the bottom of the article as well as the comments section in the Facebook post. I know it’s hard because I’m sure most Steemians don’t spend that much time on Facebook anymore. But hopefully every now and then, some of you still check out the Crackbook because old habits are hard to kill.

If we all do this, slowly but surely we will get the message across that the alternative site people are wishing for is already here.



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