Steemartian – Digital Painting

I stumbled across a steemit post a few days ago with a drawing someone made with Krita.

For those who don’t know – like me until a few days ago – Krita is an open source digital painting program designed with artists in mind. It isn’t a full replacement for photoshop, but for drawing it does seem to have many, many features designed for drawing and painting where photoshop falls short.

And It’s Free!

It seems to have a bit of a learning curve to it to really tap into all its features, but I’m sure after a few drawings I’ll be comfortable with it.

One thing I had a problem with was the lack of blending options.

Photoshop has a few nice features more mixing colors. One of them being the blending brush. With this brush, you can ‘clean’ it after every stroke so it will pick up a different color each time. This saves a lot of time when trying to blend different parts of the painting together. I haven’t figured out yet if Krita can do this.

Special Brushes

Another thing I didn’t really like when I first started using the program was the lack of basic brushes.

I eventually found a few sets of nice brushes you can download and add to Krita but it wasn’t until late in my first painting. They’ll make my next one a whole lot better I’m sure.

My First Krita Painting

Not only is this my first painting with Krita, it’s also my first time painting something without any sketch beforehand. I simply started with a green blob on the canvas and eventually came out with this.

The Steemartian

Alien Painting Final (text).png


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