Drawing A Pirate

I was messing around with my digital graphic pen last night and this is what I came up with. This time I tried to do some shading and blending a little bit to get a feel for the pressure sensitivity of the pen.


First the rough sketch. I used a blue color this time so it would be easier to pick out during the black inking phase.


The lines were a little smoother this time than my last drawing. And the steem pirate takes a solid shape.


Coloring was much faster this time. I figured out some tricks to get thinks filled in much faster than coloring in every little bit.


After the color, I thought he looked pretty good, but thought I could take it a step further to get some practice. So I added some shadows.


The shadows ended up looking pretty good but with the shadows should be light as well.


A simple background to give it some more color.


And some text and a steem logo especially for steemit. pirate-transparent




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