Calling All Artists – Curators Needed For Steemtrail’s #Art-Trail

u8wrhpsI recently volunteered to start curating for steemtrail’s #art-trail.
For anyone who isn’t yet familiar with @steemtrail you can visit their blog post, which has all the information you need about setting up with streemian, Open Ledger, and Discord.

We Need More Curators!

I would like to get at least two more curators to volunteer for the #art-trail. With only one curator right now, it sort of feels like I’m picking the type of art that I like to be eligible for the #steemtrail vote. If there were three or more people curating for the #art-trail, we could get a much wider variety for the type of art that is promoted.

For example;

I’m not the biggest fan of abstract art. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good. I just don’t really prefer it nor does it catch my attention compared to something like a pencil sketch of an animal, caricature of a person, an oil painting of a landscape, etc. So, I don’t spend much time looking at people’s abstract art on steemit. Because I’m the only curator for #art-trail, the author’s of those pieces are potentially missing out on better rewards and recognition.

Having others actively curating for art-trail who might be more interested in that type of thing would help to get the artists work promoted by steemtrail.

It Doesn’t Take Much More Work

Once you’re set up for the steemtrail, if you’re already on steemit looking for good posts, the work is pretty much done. If you find something that should be voted on by the steemtrail community, just paste the link in the #art-trail channel. Once there, the curators can vote on whether it should be passed on to receive the steemtrail vote.

If you’re on steemit and you’re not really interested in doing any curating for steemtrail, join steemtrail on streemian anyway. This will help out other artists and authors and will allow you to earn curation rewards from great posts you may have missed. There are many posts out there in the steemit world that don’t get the recognition they deserve. By attaching your vote to the #steemtrail you’re helping great authors get a little more recognition they deserve.

Not Just For Artists

trailcoinThere are many steemtrail channels without curators. If art isn’t your thing, but you would be interested in curating on another topic, then check out all the channels on discord. There are over 50 channels under steemtrail you can curate for and many of them don’t have anyone actively involved yet. Simply join up, introduce yourself, and make it known that you want to curate for a specific channel. That’s all there is to it. And, as an added bonus, anyone who starts curating on a trail gets a regular income of trail coin.

Post I’ve Submitted For A Steemtrail Vote

These are the most recent posts I’ve put forward to receive a steemtrail vote in the last few days.



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