Slash – Time Lapse Painting – Plus Music From My Old Band

I’ve been working on this painting of Slash for the last few days. Really, I guess I’ve been done for a few days, but I wanted to get the time-lapse video finished before I shared it with everyone on steemit.


Click the image for the full size.

I forgot to speed up the first two days of drawing when I had finished recording. To make a 2 hr drawing session into a seven-minute video at 800x speed takes about 3 or more hours to render. Normally, I start the conversion as soon as I’m finished drawing for the evening. That way I can just walk away and it’s finished for the next day. Since I forgot for two days, I was about 6 hours behind speeding up the video.

Plus, once I finished catching up, I put the 800x speed videos through again to speed them up another 800x. So, that’s another 3 hours of rendering on top of the initial ones. I think it took more time to render video than to actually draw the painting.

The first song is from my old band, Magnum Opus. It’s called The Take Over.

The second “song” is just me messing around to try and fill in the last 2 minutes of the video, but I think it sounds pretty cool. It’s a good outro for the painting.




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