I Discovered Simbi.com – A Great Bartering Community – Try To Recruit Them To Steemit

I stumbled across another great website the other day. I think the steemit community might be interested in it.


The website matches people who require a service with other people who can perform that service. They allow you to either trade your skills or pay in simbi tokens. It’s basically trying to get back to the basics and allow people a way to barter with one another for services.

Here is their short video.

My First Job

When you first join up you are a “newbi”. In order to lose that title, you must complete a deal with another newbi to open up access to all members and services. I posted a service offering some graphic design but didn’t really get any hits on that yet. I started looking around the site and noticed you could also request a service too. I noticed there were all kinds of people looking for graphic design work so I contacted on of them to propose a deal.

They told me they were looking for a simple logo for their blog. The site is laid out very well. It allows you to upload pictures very easily in the message window. The other person showed me what he wanted and within 30 minutes I had a logo ready for him.


I sent him a few different sizes as well as the inverted colors so he could put it on a black background and he seemed very satisfied. We both clicked complete deal and I made 10 simbi with 40 minutes of work. Actually, I enjoy drawing pretty much anything so it wasn’t really “work.”

My Second Job

Last night I had already started working on my second drawing for a simbi user. They wanted a cartoon picture of their dog holding an envelope in their mouth with their head tilted to the side.

They sent me a few pictures of their dog, as well as the style of the cartoon they were looking for, and an example of how the dog should be sitting. I came up with this drawing for them so far but am waiting to hear back before I go any further. I want to make sure that is the right pose and the envelope is what they had in mind before I start getting into any detail.

The Marketplace

There is also a marketplace on simbi where you can sell things for simbi tokens. This has a lot of digital artwork on it for pretty cheap. If you are looking for something cool to hang on your wall, I would suggest looking around there a little bit. There are many things on there besides art as well, so I’d have a look around to see if there is anything you might want to pick up.

Steemit Promotion

Today I had an idea to promote Steemit on Simbi. I made a request for people to join steemit and I will pay them in simbi. There were three guidelines I put to receive my simbi payment.

Join Steemit  Make and introduction post  Follow me on Steemit

Once the person does this, they can post their introduction post in a message to me and request to be paid 2 simbi. I will check their post to make sure they followed me, upvote their post, follow them back and complete the deal on simbi.

The Simbi Post

The thing is, I earned 170 simbi just by signing up and completing some small tasks so it’s not like I actually am using any money. It’s very similar to offering steem to people on here. I set the limit to 50 deals (100 simbi) to see how it goes. Hopefully, people on there will join steemit, realize how great this site is (and will be in the future), and stick around longer than their intro post.


I can see myself using simbi a little bit for when I’m looking for something to draw and don’t have any fresh ideas. It’s good to help someone out while doing something I would be doing anyway. The only thing is, Steemit has sort of ruined me for earning “tokens” on other sites. Simbi won’t put food on the table or pay your mortgage anytime in the future so it is a little limited in that aspect. But using it as a barter system is still an excellent idea. Money is like the middle man and simbi is trying to eliminate that for when it’s not needed.

I think if PeerHub and Simbi joined forced, they would make one hell of a good marketplace. The idea of using steem to buy things on PeerHub with the interface and availability to barter on Simbi would truly be a revolutionary site. Maybe down the road, something like that will come along.

Until then check out Simbi for yourself!



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