Cross-Country Skiing For The Steemit Photo Challenge – Extra Photos and Video

I went cross country skiing the other day in search for some trees for the Steemit Photo Challenge. We have had really terrible weather here the last little while so I took advantage of the sunny, semi-warm day to get outside for a ski. And it a good thing I did. Since that day we have had nothing but either -25° weather or rainy weather. The snow is ruined now and I’m thinking that was my last ski of the season.


Anyway, I got my three photos for the photo challenge but I also got a few more that I wanted to share as well.


Not only did I get some more pictures but I also got some video of me heading down some hills on my way home. The challenging part of taking the video is I don’t have a Go Pro or anything like that; just my cell phone. So what I did was hold my phone in one hand as I bombed down the hills.


As you’ll see on the first hill, my Black Labrador likes to run in front of me while I’m going down the hills. I’m not sure if this is some sort of challenge to his Alpha/Leader mentality but he gets right in there. Maybe he doesn’t understand how I’m getting so much speed because he’s usually always in front. I try and time to start the descent when he’s not paying attention but it was no use on the first hill. He ends up getting in my way and running me off course. I thought I was going to make it but ended up hitting a soft bit of snow, I sunk in, and then I hit the harder snow again and ended up doing a complete somersault.


If you want a good laugh, at least watch the first hill.

All the pictures are in the video so you can check out the video at full screen and see the pictures from the post at the same time. If you want to see the full-size image, just ctrl+click on the picture to see it in a new window.







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