Found Some Old Video From My Last Band – Midnight Genny

Enjoying my second cup of coffee this morning on Steemit, I found myself reminded about BitChute. It looks like they are making some progress and I was able to apply for a page. Not that I have many videos to share – mostly my speed painting videos- but I applied anyway.

Anyway, that’s beside the point.

To apply for the page I had to add a link to my YouTube Page to speed up the application process. This led to rediscovering some old video someone uploaded of my last band, Midnight Genny.


It’s been a few years since I’ve moved away and left the band, but they are still doing well from what I hear. Just before I left, we were really getting into doing shows at local bars. Sadly, I wasn’t able to convince them to start writing original songs. They wanted to stick to cover songs. These videos are from one of our earlier shows. They were recorded with an iPhone so the quality isn’t the greatest. All considered, the sound turned out pretty good, though.


There are also a few newer videos from after I left if you are interested in watching some more.



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