Welcome to my sailing blog. I’m mostly writing these to keep a document of some of the adventure I’ll be having with my “new to me” Venture 222 sailboat, “The Venture King”. I’ll also be using this blog as a way to document some of the projects I’ll be undertaking on this boat as a way to keep track of things and hopefully pass on some ideas and mistakes that I might make along the way for other people to take advantage of. This boat was bought to get my newborn son out on the water as quickly as possible so as I dive into that realm next spring I’m sure there will be some interesting topics for anybody looking to do the same thing with a young child. I’m also going to be doing a lot of sailing single-handed so that might help some people out in the long run as there really isn’t that much information out there for the single-handed sailor.

I’ve also added a bunch of posts that I have been making for steemit. This is a social media site that pays you to blog. I highly recommend checking it out although, it’s still in the beta testing phase. If some of the posts don’t seem to make sense it’s because they were made for steemit and I decided to post them here afterwards.